Charlie Elder
Senior Independent Insurance Agent

Madeline Elder
Administrative Assistant

Charlie Elder has extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in a wide variety of fields. Throughout the years, he has worked and started businesses as a general contractor, architect, real estate agent, restaurant manager, and in the janitorial-cleaning industry. Since he is familiar with the ups and downs of the ever-changing world of different types of businesses, he is able to provide sound business advice to many business owners. With more than 40 combined years of experience, BMI has built a broad range of innovative Workers Comp services; all delivered locally and through the South East, UAS.  BMI provides Insurance Policies that are designed for your particular requirements and exposures – whether you’re private, government, financial institutions, public, or nonprofit organizations.
Madeline Elder is Charlie's wife and partner in the business. She has been an educator for 27 years and has a Master's Degree in Library Science. She is the administrative assistant for the business and cares for the inner workings of the business.